Digital Writing Portfolios -Seesaw

Seesaw makes it simple to upload, save, organize, and share student work all within one application. Teachers can use Seesaw as an alternative to paper portfolios or student work folders. Students as young as kindergarten can upload work samples which are approved by the teacher and sent immediately to parents. Students can upload: photographs, screenshots, videos, drawings, notes and links using the applications user friendly interface. Additionally, teachers can organized uploaded files into folders, add comments, and flag items to be shared during parent conferences.  Student work is saved for one year, making it easy to reference for assessment purposes.


Getting Started

Caitlin’s Seesaw Presentation – Google Slides

Caitlin’s Seesaw Tackk – Step by Step Instructions

Getting Started Tips from the Seesaw website

Tutorial Videos from the Seesaw website

FAQ from the Seesaw website


Activity Ideas

100 Ways to Seesaw

K-2 ideas

3-5 ideas

6-8 ideas

9-12 ideas

Teacher Stories


Additional Resources

Seesaw Chat on Twitter -#SeesawChat. 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 4pm PST.

PD in your PJs – hands-on, online PD you can do from your couch!

Seesaw for Schools– learn how your school/district can become a Seesaw School

Seesaw Blogs Classroom vs. Connected 


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