Digital Writing Portfolios- StoryJumper

StoryJumper is a free web-based book creation website that students can use at school or home. Students can use individual accounts to create books or a class account. Within the class account, students are given unique usernames and passwords that can be used at school or home.  This simple user-friendly platform allows young authors to add text, props, scenes, and photos from the StoryJumper collection. Additionally students can import previously created images or photographs. Once completed, students’ creations can live in their individual account or class account and be viewed online. StoryJumper also offers publishing in the from of hardcover, paperback, and digital download for various fees.


Getting Started

Introduction to StoryJumper Editor

StoryJumper Educator Review

StoryJumper FAQs

StoryJumper Training Guide


Classroom Uses

StoryJumper in the Classroom

3rd Grade StoryJumper Lesson 

StoryJumper Ideas by Content Area


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